Ifor Williams Eurolight Trailer

The Eurolight was designed for the commercial and domestic user running small commercial vehicles or cars.

Offering a choice of eleven multi purpose trailers, the Eurolight range has been designed for versatility.

With a maximum gross weight of between 1000kg and 2000kg, there is sure to be a trailer in the range to suit your requirements.


Ifor Williams P6e Small Domestic Trailer
Ifor Williams P6e with Canopy - Small Domestic Trailer

Larger, stronger and tougher than trailers typically sold at your local DIY or car parts superstore, the P6e, P7e and P8e are small trailers with big hearts.

On the road they can be towed by a family car, off road they can even be towed by a quad bike.

With ramp or tailboard versions, canopy and livestock options, gross weights of 500kg or 750kg on most models and a range of optional accessories, the P6e, P7e and P8e cater for most domestic, light commercial and general farmyard duties.

Q Range

Ifor Williams Q Range Trailers

The Q range trailer can be pulled by the family car on the road, whilst off road they can be pulled by a quad bike or gator.

The Q5e off-road has two tyre options available: either flotation tyres or deeper tread depth knobbly tyres. The latter are excellent in muddy conditions or over difficult terrain more easily reached by off-road vehicles.

Options on these trailers include internal partition, stock ramp door, hinged mesh or hinged solid sides.


Ifor Williams Canopies

Ifor Williams Canopies available for both trailers and pick-up vehicles. Canopies are produced from the same high strength, durable materials as the Ifor Williams trailers – high grade aluminium for the framework and panels, and hot dip galvanized steel for the tailgate and hinges.

Vehicle canopies come with a full mesh panel (as shown in the photo), a solid panel and a solid panel with a window.

Canopies are also available for trailers.