Plant Trailers

The Ifor Williams range of plant trailers is designed specifically for transporting plant machinery and has been standard equipment for many plant users and plant hire firms since the 1980s.

GX Series

The GX Series Plant Trailers has become established over the past 10 years as the benchmark design for versatile plant trailers.

Ifor William GX106 Plant Trailer

GX106 10ft x 6ft

GX Series trailers are constructed from folded pre-galvanized steel sections with filled-in sides for greater flexibility.

Trailers are offered with hinged adjustable skids or a full-width loading ramp plus a built-in bucket rest as standard. Sizes range from the smallest GX84 up to the largest GX126. GX Models are available with maximum gross weights of 2700kg and 3500kg.

Ifor WIlliams GX84 8ft x 4ft Plant Trailer

GX84 8ft x 4ft

All our plant models are fitted with integrated ramp and skid supports. This standard feature ensures trailers are supported whilst being loaded without the need to deploy prop stands.

GX trailers are available with meshsides (ramp model only).

GP Series

The GP series trailers, widely regarded as the toughest plant trailers in the industry, have an open rectangular steel framework, integrated into the chassis.

Ifor Williams GP126 Tri-Axle Plant Trailer

GP126 Tri-Axle

Maximum gross weight of the range is 3500kg. Models range from the smallest GP106 to the largest GP146. Trailers are offered with three tyre options and larger models are also available as tri-axle versions.

Various options are also available including factory fitted aluminium treadplate floor covering, bolt on ramp knife edge and 1.8m/6′ skids or ramp in place of the standard size of 1.2m/4′.

Ifor Williams GP126 Double Axle Plant Trailer

GP126 Double Axle

The GP range is our only plant trailer where the 16″ wheel is an option, providing maximum off-road capability.

GH Series

The GH range is of welded construction and offers the best payload options of all our plant trailers, also the lowest loading angles.

Ifor Williams GH94 Plant Trailer

GH94 with 3’9″ ramp

The GH94 is an extremely versatile plant trailer, A 24mm thick platform makes the GH94 particularly suitable for transporting a wide selection of plant, including tracked
excavators, and many items of wheeled equipment such as rollers and a variety of access platforms.

The GH94 is available with 195/55R10C tyres or larger 165R13C tyres.